“Designed & Built in Sweden”

The Lusitano 3000R is a rare breed of sports car. 

 A car that represents power, poise, passion and prestige. 

A hand made, cutting edge machine featuring the latest technology and a carbon fibre body.

Lusitano is a name that we are proud to share with one of nature’s most beautiful and rare horses.

 A breed that is synonymous with strength, power, performance and agility,

 the very soul that is crafted into every 3000R built.

Lusitano 3000R

Technical Specification

Motor & Performance

6 Cyl, 2,9 Liter, Bi-turbo

306 Bhp (228 KW) @6200RPM

471 Nm (346 lbft) @3300RPM

Fuel: Petrol

Location: Mid

Manual 5-speed gearbox

Acc. 0-100 km/h: ca 4,8s

Top speed: 250 km/h


Tube frame construction, is galvanised for optimum corrosion protection.

Rear-wheel drive

Front: Double wishbones with pull rod “transverse composite suspension and push rod” shock absorbers

Rear: Multi link with transverse composite springs

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 4300 mm

Width: 1760 mm

Height: 1140 mm

Wheelbase: 2520 mm

Weight distribution: 50/50%

Weight: 1360 kg (2756 lbs)

Versions of 3000R

Here you can see the different versions of Lusitano 3000R we offer. Click “READ MORE” for each version, you will find more information. You will also find what options you can choose to on the car.

Do you wish a personal tour of the car and the options that we offer? Click here!

Lusitano 3000R

The Roadster version of the 3000R. You can add more options later.

Lusitano 3000R Roadster

3000R Roadster

Lusitano 3000R

Cabriolet version of 3000R which can also be used as a Roadster.

Lusitano 3000R Roadster + Cab

3000R Cabriolet

Lusitano 3000R

The coupe version of the 3000R which can also be used as a Roadster.

Lusitano 3000R Roadster + Coupé

3000R Coupé

Lusitano 3000R

3-in-1 version gives you the Roadster, Convertible and Coupé.

3000R Roadster + Cabriolet + Coupé

Indigo 3000R 3-i-1